De-Icing Solutions

Spreading prewet saltDeicing is a reactive approach that is used when a solution is applied to the top of an accumulation of snow, ice, or frost that is already bonded or formed to the pavement surface. A de-icing solution is used to lower the freezing point of water by use of dry or liquid chemicals. The types of deicers used on sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and parking decks are liquid deicers such as Ivy hot brine and Eco brine.

Liquid deicers are 70% non-corrosive. There a multiple features and benefits of liquid deicers. Using liquid deicers shows the environmental stewardship of your snow removal process. It can reduce housekeeping cost by less tracking than granular products (rock salt). Liquid deicers can prevent costly renovations to the lawns during the spring time due to sodium damage that would occur from using rock salt.  Not only does the liquid formulation begin to work on contact, the calcium chloride in the Ivy Hot and Eco Brine prevents refreezing.

Ivy Hot & Eco Brine

The benefits of using Ivy Eco and Hot brine are extremely vast and extremely successful in the elimination of snow, ice, or frost accumulation. The products readily adhere to the roadway better than dry materials. Prewetted materials begin dissolving snowpacks and ice faster than dry materials. The quantity of materials can be reduced when prewetted, since less materials leave the roadway during spreading. Corrosion of equipment is minimized by spraying liquid brine with salt at the spinner. Operators report quicker melting with the prewetting process, which means better service to the traveling public. 

Eco Brine is over 70% non-corrosive

Salt brine solutions - Hot Brine and Eco Brine from Ivy
  • Shows Environmental Stewardship 
  • Reduce Housekeeping costs by less tracking than granular products
  • Calcium Chloride in Sulli Hot Brine prevents refreezing
  • Helps prevent damage to Landscape and Lawn areas
  • Prevents costly Lawn renovations in spring from sodium damage 
  • Liquid formulation works on contact

Ivy Hot / Eco Brine Application Rates

 Anti-Icing Rates
  • I gallon covers 1615 square feet
  • 26.9 gallons are needed per acre
  • 40 - 60 gallons per lane mile
  De-Icing Rates
  • 1 gallon covers 1200 square feet
  • 33.6 gallons are needed per acre
  • 60 - 80 gallons per lane mile